Unable to read live data from website

I am trying to fetch the live data from Moneycontrol.com


I could successfully Validate the selector.

To generalise , I have replaced the inner text with ‘*’

But while executing, it throws up an error.

Whereas the same is disabled in my IE.

Can Someone please help me on this.

Hi @liji.lillygeorge95

Try to eliminate the “innertext” selector.

If appears an idx= the problem was that the selector is not unique enough

Else try without that selector and see if it find the same problem. Maybe the parent id is changing

I put up a similar thing here: Select Item problem - #2 by Dave

I"ve had similar issues, but to solve it you need to change a few of the settings and it isn’t always obvious which settings need to change. The easiest way is to just disable protected mode for everything (or enable it for everything). Going from a trusted to a non-trusted (or vice-versa) seems to always cause issues

EDIT: Not related to the protected mode issue, but I would change your selector as well. Saying innertext = ‘*’ is the same thing as not using that selector at all. You have to choose a selector that is specific to your element, but ‘*’ means it will take anything

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