Hi ,

I am Raman I am having hard time clearing the RPA developer Beginner certification.
Failed 4 attempts.
Issue: Unable to know the wrong answers due to which in the preceding attempts I guess I am also choosing the right answers assuming they might be wrong.
Can any one the group help me with dealing with confusing question may be dumps or FAQS to earn the certification awaiting your help.

Cheers!! Raman


@Roxana_Stratila looks like you need to repeat again . :smiley:



You need to go through all the materials available in the Portal carefully. Try the exercise thoroughly and clarify any doubts, if anything specific, in forum.

The whole idea is to ensure that the certification holds a good value and along with it you will have a very clear thought process to develop the processes with appropriate logic’s and activities present.

I would suggest to go through the materials once again, in detail and I am sure you will be able to get through it.

All the very Best!



Thanks Vikas Already started doing the Same