I gave RPA developer certification exam and the result showed no files found error in result

I gave my certification exam on 24th june and the result showed me 0 marks and failed criteria as “No files or user found” .
I opened a case with customer support the same time and till now there is no response ? how should i contact them or if some one know that they will check it manually or should i retry my exam ??

Please retry the certification.
Even I got the same result and resubmitted and certified.
When you upload please wait until you get notified that your upload is successful.
All the best.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks, but how did you resubmitted the same exam ?

I mean I took the second attempt and updated the workflow w.r.t to the new assignment.

Thanks, I took the exam again and got certified!!

That’s cool. Congratulations.
You marked the wrong post as solution.

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