Any detailed tutorial to become an RPA UiPath Expert

Hi, I am new to RPA UiPath. I just completed a course on RPA UiPath in Udemy. It does not include orchestrator. Could anybody please suggest me any detailed tutorial which explains about the orchestrator, code repositories, unattended robots, deploying the bots in cloud and other deployment activities. Any detailed video tutorial(with very detailed explanation) which can lead you from a beginner to an expert in RPA UiPath. Kindly advise.

Hello @mail4bobbysam , There are numerous tutorials / videos created by the community to help you started into this topics!
PSB one of the link for your reference.

I usually search for a topic and invariably land up to the popular channels of our community champions !


Please refer from the academy courses, there kind of plans since scratch to advanced, you can start with the beginner level which you will learn the basics, also you have orchestrator and any technologies of Uipath you want to learn