Advanced UIPath certification -contents

Will enhanced REF be asked for the certification exam?
Also, what we courses should we finish in the uipath academy , before attempting the exam?

Hello @sadhi_unni ,

You can find the recommended learning paths from Academy for the exam here:

Also the exam details:

The certification details:

I renew my certification 1month ago, and I can tell you that you should have experience with the REF template.

I hope it helps!



Thank you Vasile ! If you don’t mind me asking , How was the exam ?

Hello @sadhi_unni ,

I do not have a programing background so for me was a little difficult.
But, before the exams, I went and verified/tested all the recommended trainings from the posts above. Also the practice.


Thanks ! I have a little bit of programming background , but no work experience, so don’t know if it will affect me while taking the exam. It is similar to the practice exam given or much more difficult?

I found it more difficult than the practice (make sense, no?)
Well, for me was the opposite. Have experience with UiPath, but no codding. For sure it is more easier for you.

But yes, you need experience with the tool.


Yes, make’s Sense. Thanks for the help and advice .