REFAramework questiom

i have create performer and when i run dispatcher that time i have 4 queue generate so, i need when i start performer that time used all the queue so totally performer run 4 time so which type refaframe work setting through i can do this`?


So to explain…dispatcher is basically to load queue…if you are using re framework then according to data you need to change the transactionitem to the specific type needed…by default you will have transactionitem type as queue item …

Mostly we might read data from excel so …you can either use bulk add item or modify re framework to have transactionitem as datarow and iterate theough each datarow and add to queue…

And for performer…basically reframework can be used directly…whatever you need to do for each transactionitem you can code that in process.xaml …generally login in done once and it is done in initialization stge in initallapplications.xaml

For detailed explanation

Hope this helps