Certification Clarifications

Hi folks,

I am trying to complete my Advance Certification Project. Unfortunately I failed in 2 attempts. I have only one attempt left. If i failed this attempt will i get one more?

Advance Thanks,
Irfan Shaik :slight_smile:

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It takes a day or two before you can try again I believe

Hi @Irfan,

You can request a new voucher from the Certification platform, as stated in https://www.uipath.com/rpa/academy/faq#certification

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@YAZIDI @ronanpeter Thanks Guys :slight_smile:

If you need help regarding certification contact me murthy498@gmail.com

I’ve spent months debugging activities that fail to run. Is it even possible to do anything in the 2-4 hour window they give you?

@Robot.Builder.9001 No It’s impossible and that’s why I failed almost 4 times in certification which is making me so sad :frowning:

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Well, misery loves company right? I’ve been working on Level 3 assignment 2 for months because core activities weren’t included by default, and don’t work.

But hey, fail faster right?

When you retake the test, is it the same test? Or a different question every time?

@Robot.Builder.9001 for every-time we will get new question.

Well that explains why there’s a guy selling answers.

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@Robot.Builder.9001 Yes bro. There are many guys writing proxy certification exam for candidates and charging amount.

All that does is cheapen the value of the certification to anyone who can appraise such a thing.

I’m starting to think most people don’t care about that sort of thing though.

Why aren’t you certified?
Well, they made the test so hard that most people just pay some guy, so most people who are certified are paper tigers and worth less than then people who gave up and said “f@ck it” and went on programming for their project.

@Robot.Builder.9001 UiPath guys are giving best opportunity to learn UiPath in very easy manner and when it comes to certification they are conducting real time scenarios for project submission which is going to develop our UiPath skills. But this guys are using it for earning money which is disgusting thing for new learners.

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