Cell Colour

Hi Team,

We need to download data from SAP screen where one particular shows green square(Success),Yellow triangle(warning) and red round(Fail).
After extraction in excel this particular column value hows nothing. We need to capture that symbol or particular symbol colour.

Please let us know how we achieve this.

Hi @Kaushal_Maru ,

I believe you are mentioning about SAP Table data, if so, then we should be able to set the Formatting or Add more columns to the SAP Table which should indicate us with Keywords (E or W or S), the Status of the row and Export the Table data / Use Data Scraping to extract as Datatable.

Next, we should be able to Filter the rows based on the Status Indicator Column.

If the above is not related to your case, we would ask you to maybe show screenshots of the SAP Screen, so that we can confirm on alternate methods to be used.

@Kaushal_Maru ,
We had a same kind of scenario, in SAP screen use Ui automation and get the name of the icon the value for each color will be different, example for Yellow it will be something like “TB_Y”.