Captcha Solving

could someone help me how to solve this captcha problem?

i have a project where the robot i’m going to make solve the captcha problem on a website…

here is the screen shot of the captcha…

Screenshot (145)

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Hy @Tammy1998,

Captcha it is a diffcult problem to handle with RPA, however there are some alternatives.

You can use a ‘Monitor Events’ Activity to pause a Robot and resume after the captcha is solved. Can you try that?

Please check the link bellow


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@Tammy1998 - you can try with - Captcha Solver

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is best captcha solver free?

solver is not free… but its the cheapest option in the market with 99% accurate results…

could there be any other solution?


Unfortunately there is no free solution unless if you build it yourself. check the link below, see if you can find something that can help you get started or something that might give you a better idea on how to solve your problem.

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how about tensorflow?

Hy @Tammy1998,

Unfortunatly there is no way out of this problem :frowning:
There are some paid services on the web for this. What they do is to send the image to an actual person to read it and return the solution.
If you want to avoid that put a breaking point on your process to bypass the captcha like I did.


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thanks for the answer. i was considering using tensorflow as a solution but i don’t know how to integrate it into uipath. i am not that knowledgeable in programming thus i am having a hard time to solve it. i couldn’t find any specific step by step process integrating tensorflow into uipath so i resorted to asking here in the forum… thanks for the answer again…

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You are welcome @Tammy1998,

I am glad I could help you, to reach this conclusion I told you I have spoken with a lot of cowowrkers about this subject.

Could you please mark my answer as the solution?

Thank you

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