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There comes a captcha every time for my process. I used a captcha solver to solve captchas. However, sometimes the solver took a long time like 40s to solve a captcha and for this reason, my process shows error. Is there any way to solve this problem?
Thanks, advance.

Hello @000chowdhury

Did you try to change the Timeout property to a higher value ? Setting the Timeout value between 45000 and 60000 might help you in your case.

Adding one other URL for your refernce.

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If you see, it’s logical that it’ll take time as the algorithm continues to increase the difficulty and adding new content of algorithm suspects that the robot is solving captcha.

Also, ideal way is to remove captcha for only robot ID, web application owner can help you to do that

If you want to remove that error, you can increase the timeout, or have a retry scope to keep trying yill it solves.

I am tried to add timeout value but it is not working. Can you suggest to me what kind of mistake I do in the below attachment? I want to add timeout value on “Click”.

I can see you have included a timeout of 6000 (6 seconds) Can you change that to 60000 (1 minute) and retry ?



Usually timeout property takes milliseconds value
So for 1 min we need mention as 60000 milliseconds

And more than that keep that activity or sequence of activities which is accessing that captcha, inside a action block of RETRY SCOPE activity and with ELEMENT EXISTS or IMAGE EXISTS activity in condition block

Mention the number of retries need to be done if failed in the property panel

And with element exists or image exists look for a element or a image and indicate that
It should be the one which appears after crossing the Captcha screen

So bot will retry with the set of activities again and again until the captcha screen is gone and a element from next screen is found by the bot with ELEMENT exists or IMAGE exists

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @000chowdhury

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