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Hi ,

I need help on reCaptcha or Google Captcha fix area on Uipath. Is there any solution can we solve those captchas automaticly ?

I tried some OCR things on images at capthcas but its not perfectly. It may turn wrong answer to output from image… Cause of images changing everytime.

Is there any API for solve captchas ?

If you have any suggestion, thanks for help.

Hello my friend,

I have a project that I needed to do just that.
I used an API called 2captcha and made a project in git to help other people.


I implemented similar captcha solution.
The best is to use API solution like or
Both have very good documentation and affordable prices.

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Please refer the below custom activity in the uipath market place which is using internally bescaptchsolver api. We can use ready made activity to try extract our captcha. Please try and let us know. Thanks.

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Am I need apı key from 2captcha ?

Yes. They’re not free.

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Thanks my friend, ıs it possible to solve like image capthas too on below?





I have experience with 2captcha and anti-captcha.
It’s works like that you sending those images to workers and they are solving it.

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Yes, they solve pretty much all captchas or at least the most used ones.

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How can ı change flow for this website on this main.xaml?

First ;

Am ı need to select my website captcha image on Get Attribute ‘UL’?

Second ;


Am I need to change anything from here ?

Third ;

Am I need to change anything here ? I 'll get API key from 2captcha as I understood. What is method here ? Am I need to change it ?



Am I need to change this Inject js script image for my captcha image on site right?Am I need to change anything on jslinject file ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I know ı ask too much question but ıf ı can fix it it will be my first project about captchas :slight_smile:

This project is to break google’s ReCaptcha.
So the parameters that must be filled are with information from this type of captcha.
What you have on the website T.C. Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu is an image captcha.
The 2captcha API also resolves this type of captcha, but in a different way.
I’ll send you the 2captcha API documentation.
2captcha API

If nothing cover up the webpage at this time, you can as well take a screenshot on this image element :slight_smile:
In the HTTP request you can send the file like this: