Guys, I need to recognize this captcha, but I’m not getting it, especially when the letters are on top of each other, do you know any way to solve this captcha with the fewest possible attempts?


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Try Python and OpenCV

How can I perform this procedure? can someone help me please?

Che this out:

some captcha there


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I will take a look

cool, i will run these on my model and then send you feedback, meanwhile, check the above

Good morning, I was not successful using Captcha Solver, I think I don’t know how to use it :frowning:

Hey @Mths_Teixeira ,

Frankly speaking but till now we don’t have any solution to solve CAPTCHA using UiPath.
There are some activities like “GetText” and “GetOCRText” , but they too don’t give result with 100% accuracy.


Boa tarde!
@SenzoD como configuro para que funcione?

I recently had to break three types of captcha.
1st - an image with mixed and confused characters.
2nd - the google recaptcha, asking to click on traffic lights, fire hydrants, buses, etc.
3rd - images that need to rotate until they are in the vertival direction.

All of them I broke with a third party api, you will find here
You just need to take a look at the documentation and make the GET / POST requests using uiPath activities.


Do you have a workflow example for solving Google ReCaptcha using third party API?

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Unfortunately the flow I have is integrated into a larger flow that contains our business rule.
But you can easily do a test using the UiPath.Web.Activities package, this package will allow you to make REST requests. With that, just read the documentation at and start breaking your captchas.

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