Can somebody help selecting/clicking this "I am not a robot" captcha?


Have you tried with click image activity?

Or look into this:

Yes I tried the click and check/uncheck activity but the problem is the selector I think.
The selector of the Captcha is different for each google search.

Thanks for the tip, is that free or do I have to pay for it?

I mean this:
Experiment with these, i know they are not as reliable as real selectors.
It is possible to click on a place relative to the image you indicated.

I dont know if it is free or not I have never used it. I cant see any price tag or similar when I look.

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Could you show the selector?

I tried with a site that used reCAPTCHA, I removed the middle part.

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Thank you I will try this!

Look at the last post, can I see your selector or have you tried modifying it as I did above.

It worked! thank you so much!

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Great, nice that it is not a reCAPTCHA with pictures.

Yes, this would be very difficult I think :open_mouth:

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