Can't use excel activities

Hi, I am on Level 1 Fundation Training.
I am trying to use the Excel activities, but I don’t have installed Excel. Only LibreOffice.
But in the video it says that without the option “Visible”, we don’t need Excel.

This is the workflow:

Can I do this without Excel?
Can I set up LibreOffice as the launching app?

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Buddy @Ezequiel_Falcon

Welcome to UiPath community and thats a good question to start with

Buddy in that case you can use workbook activities with read range activities and write range activities etc, that can work much better with other type of workbooks if it is not a excel, as excel workbook can be worked more easily and faster with excel activities than workbook activiites, as they are actually meant for excels only.
Then only if excel is installed you can use excel related activities, VISIBLE property describes that you can use files of xlsx or xls format even without MSOffice is installed in our system, and if its checked it will open the excel and make it visible to the users or if its unchecked it will not open the excel and make it invisible to user that is it will run in memory so thats what it implies as it can run without excel installed
if your file is of type xlsx or xls you can use it without excel been installed in your system or if it is not you have to use workbook related activities only buddy

Kindly let know whether this works or not buddy
Cheers @Ezequiel_Falcon


Sorry for my ignorance, but there is something I am not seeing probably.
How should I open a workbook without the Excel Application Scope activity?
So I can do activities like Read range, etc.

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buddy @Ezequiel_Falcon
You have this option
where you can use the read range and write range activities without excel application scope activity and here also you can get the datatble as output buddy
Kindly try this and let know buddy
Hope this would work for your scenario

Hi @Palaniyappan!
I am aware of those options, but as you can see in this picture there is no option to put a path for a file in there.

What I am trying to do, or to say is that, I can’t open it for use the read range or write range.
With the read range or write range activities there’s nowhere to look for the file.

Buddy @Ezequiel_Falcon the one which you are referring now are Excel activities, and they must be used inside the Excel application scope, and in the excel application scope activity we will be mentioning the path of the file, so the above EXCELREADRANGE activity wont have the option to get the filenme,
thats in alternative to get the data from other workbooks apart from excel, to rectify with the above image’s activity we have workbook activity with read range and write range where you can mention the file path explicitly like this and i have highlighted the change as well buddy

I am sorry, didn’t see that. I am still learning how to use it. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your patience and understanding @Palaniyappan

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No worries buddy
Cheers @Ezequiel_Falcon
Keep going

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