Read Range -Open workbook without using Excel Application Scope

Since the read range activity now doesn’t have the Workbook path field (and we dont have Open Workbook activity anymore, either) - how do we now read ranges without using Excel Application Scope?


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There is another read range from system activities, that doesn’t require excel application scope and excel will not be visible.

So you can use that and read.

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Oh sorry my bad!! I forgot they were named the same! Thank you.

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We usually have two kind of excel accessing
Like one if we have the application and another one if we don’t have the excel application
So if we have the application installed then we can use EXCEL activities where we need to use READ RANGE or WRITE RANGE all inside EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE

We can use WORKBOOK activities if we don’t have the excel application installed
So here we don’t need to use EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE and directly we can use READ RANGE activity where we will mentioning the filepath, sheetname and the range we need to read
For that search as workbook in the activity panel which will list us the activities under it

Hope this would help you
Cheers @tiubenedict


Thank you for that explanation! :slight_smile: However, I also honestly feel like these two activities should be renamed to easily distinguish haha. Plus the other Workbook activities vs their siblings under Excel activities.

You already named it buddy
Workbook activities or Excel activities

Cheers @tiubenedict

I hear you! Here’s the (admittedly minor) problem: you wouldn’t really know which is which until you add the activity:


Yah I understand on this
But usually we will searching rather picking them up from recent tree
Cheers @tiubenedict

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