Can't spy Active Directory elements

Hello everyone,

I am automating a process that uses Active Directory and I have to run it as another user using another account (to be able to create AD accounts), the problem is when I launch it this way I can’t spy the elements even when I launch Uipath as administrator.
However when I launch Active Directory using my account and Uipath as administartor I can spy the elements.

I would appreciate your advices

Thank you

Hello @wiam_merkadou ,

if I understand correctly, you try to work with Active Directory via the interface

but there is an Active Directory package:

Did you tried it?


Hi @wasea,

Thank you for your response, but I prefer automating via the front end interface because it’s the customer’s wish.

When trying to spy the elements, hit the F4 button to try a different framework. I believe you might have success with a different framework.

Hello @Aaron_Hubbart,

Thank you so much, this works like a charm. But I would like to know in case the process is started on another machine, would the elements be recognised without problems as well ?

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With proper selectors, this should work across machines.

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Thank you for your insight :slightly_smiling_face:

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