Can't share workflow

My Dev team and I always run to issues sharing workflows. Basically, we package the project and share it among Team members. But things never work smoothly. Some members my have no issues, but others will, even if the setup is the same. Some Teammates are using windows VMWare client, so, it’s understandable they will have issues running a workflow from a windows system. But from one windows user to other windows users, some still face issues.
No system specific configuration are being used in the workflow. Also, shortcuts are being used (sendHotKey activity), which is not consistent between users, running on the same platform.
What is the best way to collaborate on an RPA project, without facing these issues?

You should be building as closely to Production as possible. I know it’s not an exact science, but a log of the issues you are facing each time, specifically related to sharing of workflows, would be a start. Then you can review your overall development approach periodically, look for the those small improvements to remove those issues and get closer to Production ready bots. Continuous improvement is always part of the development lifecycle.

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I would echo that, ideally you are working in an environment that mimics production as close as possible. Developers are picky, but in my experience an organization environment shouldn’t be wildly different from person to person when you are automating business processes… Sure I’m using PowerShell Core and another individual is using PowerShell, but what we work on together is similar enough.

If each development environment is different person to person, I’d suggest building a Window Server host with UiPath Studio installed and setup RDS and either use that as a common development environment or at the very least a testing area that mimics production. Alternatively provide a standard machine image to all developers on which they can run locally and develop on.

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The machine image suggestion is probably the place you want to get to if you haven’t already done so. This can be easily managed in Amazon/Azure in my experience, but will come with added complexity depending on the scale of your development teams.

I would write up a strategic plan of where you want to get to, log the issues which are preventing you from doing so, and start picking the biggest bang changes you can make. The time saved should lend you a good starting place for developing a business case around investing in such changes.

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