Sharing automations

I have an automation developed to run an attended bot. I need to share it with a co-worker. What is the procedure to bundle the automation to share with someone else?

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Just share by zipping the entire parent folder and share @jbiloxim

Or you want to share just a particular within the entire, select that and the corresponding project.json , zip and share

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You can zip entire project folder and share it with other colleague.

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Hi @jbiloxim

Welcome Back to uipath community
We got three options to access the workflow
—to be very simple we can select the whole folder,right click, zip it and share with your coworkers
—or if the process is published we can share the .nupkg to your coworkers so that they can unzip it and get the xaml
—or if they have the orchestrator access they can even download the whole process as a package from the process tab, but this is applicable only when the process is published to the orchestrator and the coworker has the access to the orchestrator

Simple isn’t it
Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @jbiloxim

Hi @jbiloxim

You can share it with your co works using the way others have mentioned. My only concern is, after sharing are they also going to work on the same solution? If they are also going to contribute as a team, then you may need to go with a source control system. Git, SVN can be used for that as they are inbuilt with Studio

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Thanks so much for the replies. We will explore them now. Forgot to reply. The person creating the bot is creating it only for me. It is not one others on a team will use. Intern @TasneemA built it and really is good. We just cannot seem to export it. Your advice is welcomed.


So any issues to be discussed further
Cheers @jbiloxim

Hi, can you explain what Git, SVN is please?

thank you

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HI @TasneemA

SVN and Git are source control solutions which we use to share and maintain our code. It’s like a repository that contain all the versions of your source code along with every edit you do to it. It is also a great way to share the solution files with our co-workers if multiple people are using the same code to develop. Let’s say you and I are working on some sort of a solution, and we both are working on the same solution files. So, if we don’t have a source control system, I would not know where your changes should go and you will not know how to merge with my changes. Having a source control system would handle this in a nice way so that when it syncs, it will take both our changes and we do not really need to worry.

Additionally, say I mistakenly edited some code and now its not working. And I can’t remember the change I did to correct it… So, to get it to the previous state, if you have source control, its just a matter of finding the edit I did, and rolling back to the previous version of that file :slight_smile:

So, SVN, Git, TFS (Team foundation server) are such source control solutions which we can use for UiPath source management. All the are also integrated in Studio as you see here in the Team tab…

Git also provides free license to use for personal use. I use them alot to maintain my source code of the stuff I build. It is also a great way to backup your files in case you lose them. :slight_smile:

Hope it is clear for you? Let me know if you need more clarity on this :slightly_smiling_face:


This helped a lot, however, where would I get my repository URL from? the elipses on my window are greyed out and I’m not sure what to insert in the “repository URL” field.

Thank you in Advance

When my coworker and I tried the zip option, the INPUT fields selected on-screen didn’t transfer - just got “Image Not Available” and the debugging stopped at the first one. We’re still new to all this and trying to learn it, so is there something obvious we did wrong?

Image not available is a regular thing we observe when we transfer the files from one to another. But we will have the selector of the activity which will identify the fields. so we don’t need to have the image as mandatory. But it won’t cause the error @kb.evans. Can you post the error you are getting?

Set Text ‘INPUT’: The UiElement is not initialized

I’m happy to hear it’s not the picture, at least. Guess I jumped too fast when I saw it stop at the step with the picture and assumed the issues were connected. Are they?

No, the process won’t affect with the images. Can you just try providing some delay before the activity which is erroring out now?