Cant make Try/cath activity work


When i get an error they “Try/catch” activity never detects it. The activities in the catch section never gets executed.

Hi, it looks like you are running in debug mode. Please try running instead of debugging.

It’s ok to run in debug mode, this is what it’s for.

Are you clicking Continue, or are you using Step Over or one of the other buttons?

the click activity should clikc on a button called “answer”, but i configured it so that it cant find the button and thereby make an error. i did to try the try/catch activity.

After i press run, it just runs the program and then stops when the error occurs, then it prints the error on the outputlog

You have to press the big Continue button at the top of the UiPath Studio window so it will keep going. This is how debug works. It’s not stopping at the error, it’s pausing at the error.

Oh i didn’t realise i was running in debug mode. Thanks you XD

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