Can't find the official Slack Activities

I am unable to find the Slack activities (UiPath.Slack.Activities) in the Manage Packages:

Seek your insights into how to resolve this issue.

I am using Studio 2021.10.5 Community License.

Hi @hacback17 ,

Could you verify if the Official Feed has been checked under Settings in Manage Packages?

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

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Thanks @ashwin.ashok for the quick response!

Indeed, I verified that:

The only package comes up in the search bar is UiPath.Slack.IntegrationService.Activities:

To me, it looks very different from UiPath.Slack.Activities. On installation, I realized UiPath.Slack.IntegrationService.Activities has some missing activities. For instance, there is no Get Messages or Reply or Download File as you have in UiPath.Slack.Activities.

Looking forward to your response!

Hi @hacback17
These are available activities when you install UiPath.Slack.Activities package:


I had no problem installing the package. These are my settings:

Please let us know if your problem persists

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Thank you, Gabriel!

I added the source as Official2 but it doesn’t seem to resolve the issue.

That said, I found that when the select the Compatibility type as Windows, this package doesn’t show up.

On the other hand, when I select Compatibility type as Windows - Legacy, the package shows up.

That’s weird but that’s how it works.

Thanks for your support.

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