Cannot find UiPath.Jira.Activities package


I would like to use “UiPath.Jira.Activities” but I cannot find it from my Studio.
Here is a screen of the available option :

The package displayed is not the one I need because it misses all activities related to “Attachments”.

Does anyone knows why that activity is not available ?

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UiPath.Jira.Activities package is available only on ‘windows-legacy’ compatibility.
It will be unavailable in projects with ‘windows’ compatibility.


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Thank you!

Unfortunately that compatibility will no longer be available from the next release :frowning: and I need these specific activities :stuck_out_tongue:

Will better documentation on the methods that can be used on the Issue object be coming in the near future as the REST V2 documentation does not mirror the use of the objects with in UiPath for functionality?