Can't find some activities such as "click image", send hot key etc?

I cant find some activities as mentioned “click image”, “send hotkey”…etc,I just down load the new version which is 2021.10.4
click image
This is all packages that I have download.Anything else i need to download?

Thanks a lot.
Anyone can help me.

Hi @Apple

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It’s all in the filter section you have to just enable it if you like classic you just enable classic experience or otherwise you disable that, if you want both classic experience only for your project you just go to the project settings under the section you will able to see modern design experience just disable it. It’s all you wish what you would like.


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Thanks for your prompt reply.I’ll try it

Always welcome, Yeah sure :+1: Happy automation



you can try this!

Navigate to project panel->Settings Icon->Turn off modern design experience


It works. Thanks a lot.

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Both of the above two settings can solve your issue. Unfortunately I cannot mark both as solutions due to system constraint.

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