Where is "Click Image" in newer versions

UiAutomation.Activities Package v20.4.2 has this activity called “Click Image” which searches your screen for an image and click on it for you when it sees it. I cannot find a similar functionality for any newer version.

In any version 22+ there is a ‘Click Image Trigger’ and ‘Click Picture on Screen’ (SAP only). But neither of these do the same thing.

I use this with a Java application that does not have defined elements like on a web browser, but it is also not SAP. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

The last time i saw this feature mentioned in the forms was in 2020, did it get removed?


In the latesr version, ClickImage activity is categorized in Classic activities. So if we need to use it, either of the following settings is necessary.

  1. Turn on “ShowClassic” at Filter in Activites panel
  2. Turn off ModernDesingn Experience in ProjectSttings in Project panel.

Or, in modern design, (New) Click activity can handle image same as ClickImage, and we can use it, as the following.


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@DeeplyBuffalo Its not removed but it replaced with Other activity called Click in Modern Design.. if you still want to use click image then ref to the below link

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This is perfect, thank you very much!

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