Can't find Soap Request

I just update Studio to 2022.10.1 and then all a message appeared in all my projects where said something about windows legacy and I had to convert my projects to a Windows.

The problem I have is in one of my projects that uses the SOAP Request. In this new version when I add the WEB API SERVICES Library it doesn’t show SOAP REQUEST. I tryed with olders versions of the library but it doesn’t work.



It seems current WebAPI.Activities package (1.13.2) doesn’t contain SOAP request activity in Windows compatibility although it exists in Windows-Legacy compatibility. The following is activities panel of Studio 22.4.5+WebApi1.13.2-Windows compatibility project.


We have no way but send request to handle this matter to UiPath guys and wait until to be done, I think.

As a workaround, please use Windows-Legacy compatibility for a while.


Hi @Carlos_Martinez

This is indeed the case. First, a quick note - the Legacy projects are not going away. Starting from a specific Studio version (Deprecation timeline) you will not be able to create legacy projects anymore, but you will still be able to edit and use them.

But as far as the SOAP activities, they will no longer be available due to the significant effort involved in enabling this functionality on Windows projects. Instead, I would suggest the functionality of our libraries: