Adding a Soap webservice to a Modern Project

I am trying to add a soap webservice request, but its not working for me.

My Studio version: 2022.10

I can’t find any reports on this, and documentation of Studio doesnt say anything about this either?

Hey @WJ_vd_T

Can you please try creating a Windows compatibility type project instead of Windows - Legacy


Hi Nithin,
I know that works, but how do I access the legacy project with the rest of my projects then? Is it not possible to use SOAP webservices in modern projects?

Thats my concern as well Ilan!

I hope you are only creating a new project at the moment.

The windows legacy will be deprecated soon and there is an option to migrate in Studio 22.10+


The migration fails when you have a soap service added.

Hi @WJ_vd_T ! Did you ever get to solve it?

I am in the same boat.

Creating a SOAP WSDL library, but the only option is to use Windows - Legacy.
All projects that need to use the library are Windows.

When trying to install package, error - No compatible version!

CC: @loginerror

Thank you for your feedback. Our Studio team is working on bringing this feature to Windows projects as well.

An unfortunate workaround if sticking to legacy is not an option would be to use HTTP Request activity to execute the api calls “manually”.

Hi @loginerror - thank you for the reply!

Yes, going to use HTTP Requests for now.

Is there a timeline when this feature would be available for Windows projects?

Thank you!

Hi @loginerror;

Can you update this post when that feature is available?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @loginerror

Do you have an update on this topic when it will be integrated?

This is the second ‘downgrade’ of functionalities this Windows projects brings. (The other was MySQL connectors). Do you have a list of known incompatibilities?

Thank you and have a nice day

Hi @yrobert

The feature is being considered for the future. The framework for legacy projects was richer in this specific area vs Windows projects.

Could you please point me to this direction to investigate, in case it was already discussed on the Forum. If not, could you provide more details?

Hi @loginerror

That would be great.

Yes, it was dicussed here: MySQL Provider isn't available in database connect activity - #7 by yrobert
And also directly with the UiPath Support.

Do you have results of functionality testing to share?

This topic is still an issue!
Any solution comming up?