Can't find SharePoint document Library

I am trying to upload a file to a SharePoint document library. We have the SharePoint/OneDrive connector in integration services setup and I am using the corresponding activity within Studio (Same in studio web though).

As I click thorugh the destination folders, OneDrive all shows up, but if I click sharepoint nothing shows up. I am owners and members of many sites and I am following many sites so not sure why this is blank


Any advice or ideas where I could be going wrong?


Do you have required permission to access those documents
Have a view on it once


Yeah, I have full access on the sharepoint side to lots of sites and document libraries so odd I am not seeing any at all.

Turns out I needed to delete and re-install the connection

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Yea - if the connection pre-dated us opening up access to shared locations for events (around 23.6 - June), that would indeed be the solution. I’m glad you got this to work! Hope it’s helpful.

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