I am no longer able to see any files or folders via my OneDrive and SharePoint shared integration

I have two shared connections in Integration Services, one for Microsoft Outlook 365 and one for Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint (365) that have been working for over a month but overnight on Aug 28th or Early Morning Aug 29th, this connection no longer returns any results even though the connection shows as “Connected” and I have confirmed that the user has all the required permissions. I did not make any changes to the unattended process or to the connection(s) for days. Azure sign-in logs show the connection authenticating successfully. I was using Community edition 23.6.1 (I have since upgraded to 23.8.0-beta and the problem persists). The problem also appears in Studio and StudioX now (the connections were working successfully all day on the 28th in Studio and in Unattended mode).

I have created new connections to a different Azure Tenant and these connections exhibit the same incorrect behavior. No error messages are thrown other than “Path does not exist or you no longer have permission” in the unattended robot and when adding a new activity for testing purposes I used “Get File/Folders” (using the Microsoft Graph API - not the “Classic” activity) and after selecting the shared connection, when I attempt to browse for “SharePoint”, the Activity UI spins for a few seconds then returns only “No Results Found”.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Today (Sept 5th) I checked my Integration Services connection to Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint in Studio and the error/issue has disappeared. I am again able to browse files and folders via my OneDrive & SharePoint connection even though I have not made any changes. I wonder if there has been a patch applied to Orchestrator (cloud.uipath.com) for integration services connections since Aug 31st which was the last time I tested this connection from my orchestrator tenant.