Not able to view Open browser activities

Hi, i am not able to view open browser method in Activities.

Even though i have added all the dependencies.

Did you specify which Browser you want to open, e.g. Chrome?

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If you are just missing the activity: Try starting the “chrome.exe” with Start Process activity.

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where we search for activities i am not able to search Open Browser Acitivity to add


Welcome to forums

If you are using new UiPath studio then follow below steps

Click on Filter icon and select Show Classic

Then you able to see the open browser related activities

Hope this may help you


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Hi @Tanay_Kumar

and first time welcome to the forum.

As you have seen there are a lot of ways to open the browser.

You can also simply use the Modern Activities by using Use Application/Browser and then indexing the open browser. This way you also have the possibility to use the custom selector again later when you build an object repository.

I hope our hints could help you. If so, please mark a post as a solution so that others can find the solution faster.

Thank you Sri… now i am able to view

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