Can't Find nor add downloaded package


I am unable to add the UiPath Packages which I have downloaded from the marketplace nor find the package inside marketplace.

My Studio is also unable to find the package even after pointing to the folder directory.

I have downloaded the package from the market place and placed it inside a folder “C:\UiPathPackage” but when I try to find it under the manage packages section, I could not find it.

Below are my screenshots:-

This is my Studio version and the package I am trying to add:-


Any help would be appreciated to solve my issue. I have double check the packages version compatibility and it is not the issue.


How about to search by excel.extensions


@Jackson_Hew : You should be able to see it in Studio - Legacy using the search keyword “excel extension”.
Please note that this package has not yet been migrated to .Net 6.

Hi @Anuj_Tiwari thanks for the response!

However, I still could not find it and it shows up empty in my search package window.


How do i change my Studio into legacy?

My laptop does not have .NE 6 installed at all

In fact when I try to install a package called “Microsoft Office 365”, I got an error.

Cannot add a package that contains System.Activities.ViewModels.

Error: System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot add a package that contains System.Activities.ViewModels.
   at UiPath.PackageExplorer.UI.ViewModels.PackageExplorerViewModel.<>c__DisplayClass172_0.<ValidateDependencies>b__1(IEnumerable`1 packages, CancellationToken ct)
   at UiPath.PackageExplorer.Core.Services.PackageExplorerService.SearchVersionsInSingleFeed(ISearchVersionsInfo searchInfo, Action`2 resultsCallback, CancellationToken token)
   at UiPath.PackageExplorer.Core.Services.PackageExplorerService.SearchVersions(ISearchVersionsInfo searchInfo, Action`2 resultsCallback, CancellationToken token)
   at UiPath.PackageExplorer.UI.ViewModels.PackageExplorerViewModel.ValidateDependencies(CancellationToken cancellationToken)
   at UiPath.Studio.Shell.Services.ProjectContextService.<>c__DisplayClass10_0.<<InstallPackages>b__0>d.MoveNext()
--- End of stack trace from previous location ---
   at UiPath.Studio.App.Desktop.Windows.WindowCommandsExtensions.ExecuteWithCommandsDisabledAsync[T](ICommandManager commandManager, Func`1 func)
   at UiPath.PackageExplorer.UI.ViewModels.PackageExplorerViewModel.Install(), HResult -2146233079


It’s project settings matter.
We need to (re)create a Windows-legacy project, as the following image.




@Jackson_Hew :
You are using UiPath Studio 2021.10.8. It contains options to create “Windows” as well as “Windows-Legacy” type of process. “Windows-Legacy” processes use .Net 4.6 which is out of support from Microsoft so this type of process is called Legacy in UiPath Studio.
The package “Excel Extension Activities” is created in .Net 4.6 and has not yet been migrated to .Net 6 so you can run this package under “Windows-Legacy” only.
“Windows-Legacy” value can be selected from the “Compatibility” drop-down while creating a blank process. You can make this selection from the screen as shown in the image by @Yoichi .

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When you create a new project you have option to select windows,windows-legacy and cross platform…

Windows-legacy is what you need to select there…

From the screenshot provided we can see your project is in windows compatibility…

So please create a new project and select windows-legacy and then you can see the packges…

Basically packages developed in legacy can only be found in legacy


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@Anil_G @Anuj_Tiwari

Thanks! I am able to add the extensions.

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