Can't find "excel application scope" activity

I am taking " UI Automation with Studio" course, part of “RPA Developer Foundation”.
I can’t find “excel application scope” activity in my UiPath studio but I see “excel process scope” activity.
what is the difference between “excel application scope” and “excel process scope”?
I can’t choose excel file when i choose “excel process scope”

Go to your Manage Packages tab, in the source section, Select the Official checkbox

Then go to all and search for excel, you’ll see the latest excel package → click on update/install there ans hit save.

Once package is updated you’ll be able to see the required activity

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If you want to use ExcelApplicationScope in the latest CE version, please turn off ModernExperienceDesign in ProjectSettings as the following


Check ShowClassic at Filter in Activities Panel as the following.
It will be shown in Classic category.



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I think excel package is installed in my Uipath becasue when I open “Manage packages” I see this

you are right But in “UI Automation with Studio” course, part of “RPA Developer Foundation”.
in the lecture video, he used “excel Application scope” in the modern experience section.

Also “use application/browser” doesn’t exist in the classic experience. in the lecture video he used both “use application/browser” and “excel application scope” in modern experience


As the video mentioned, it’s based on 2020.10. So please downgrade UiAutomation to 20.10.10 and Excel to 2.9.5 as the following.

We can know which activities package is used in specific version in release note as the following page.


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Another solution:

The following way might be better for you.

Set UiAutomation and Excel package to the latest version.

Project settings - Modern Design Experience : On

Project settings - Modern Excel - Excel Design Experience : UseClassic as the following