Can't Find "Excel Application Scope" Option In UI Path

I was going through tutorial video for UI Path “Excel And Data Table” In the video they ask to insert “Excel Application Scope” When I tried doing the same I could not find that option.I referred this link Excel application scope: missing but could not find this option also

Please help
Thank you in Advance

Hey @nihar123

Make sure you have installed the Excel Activities package!

Refer to this screenshot

Go to Manage packages (the cursor is pointed to it in the screenshot), and install this package if not already done! Then you can find it :slight_smile:

Hope it helps you.

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Excel Application is renamed in latest version of Studio to Excel Process Scope with some changes in property.


Hi, Can you please help how to use the new Excel Process Scope.

Yes, Excel application scope has changed to Use Excel file
From version V.2.11 it would be “open excel file”

Pls find the documentation for open excel file


my UiPath has .Excel.Activities installed but it still doesn’t show the application scope in the options.

I am new to RPA . I am creating simple Excel activity robot . I have installed the UiPath.Excel.Activities 2.12.2 preview version package. it showing me nothing under activites panel.
I am using UiPath Studio 2021.10.5 community licences pre user installation


Click on Filter Icon and select Show Classic.



THIS IS THE BEST SOLUTION. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks that was my problem

“Excel Application Scope” is renamed as “Use Excel File”