How to automate to download videos

I scrapped the data from website link in CSV and now the uipath needed to fetch the url from CSV and put the url in youtube downloader and click to download.

Ok, ok … request permission from UiPath before, it’s better! :wink:

this is not the video from uipath site…this is from youtube channel where i collect different sites.

so I did not say anything ^^


  1. Take Read CSV to read data from CSV file and it will give you output as dataTable. Make sure to check ‘Include Column Names’.
  2. and then use For each row activity to iterate DataTable
    • use Type Into activity and pass value as row(“URL”).tostring
    • use click activity to Click download.
      End loop.

Thanks…it is working now…i added the delay in last. and also How do i notify that the video downloaded sucessfully and failed to download in status

@ramkrishna2k3 Use Write cell activity to maintain status of video is downloaded successfully than use write cell as pass else fail