[UI path] is it possible importing a data from excel to url?


i would like to import a data from excel to url.

for example, at first list up url of some youtube videos in excel. (for example C1~C99)

then i would like to copy the urls(C1~C99 in excel) then just paste in an url(this url can extract thumbnails of that urls).

is it possible? if yes, can you give me soultions? Thanks in advance

Hi @111632

i am not cleared with ur query

what u need to do after getting the url from excel file?

Nived N

Happy Automation

hey, thx for answer.

after getting urls, i would like to write down that urls on this website :

There i can write down that youtube urls. Then i can extract thumbnails of these urls.


  1. i want to get url from excel
  2. i want to paste that url on this website YouTube thumbnail grabber | Boing Boing

i hope you understand what i mean


do u need to paste all ur url at once in the input box or one by one ? @111632

thx again,

i would like to paste one by one, thats why i can get all thumbnails of all my urls.

So i did already list up in my excel file the urls in column.

like this : 123213213

sorry for my language in excel but you can just see C3~C8

Hi @111632
after pasting url u will get the thumbnail

what u need to do next after that ?

after pasting , this url can extract automatically extract thumbnails.

Then i want to save the first above image.

And i want to save that image named as “URL”

For example, if the url was “youtube.com/abcde”, then the name of image is “youtube.com/abcde” as well.

that’s all what i want to make this bot.


Hi @111632 !
What is the navigator used ?
I tried with Google Chrome, and with the recorder, when I do right click + click on “Save as picture”, for an unknown reason it throws the error “add uipath automation” though it is already added and working fine with other websites. I think there may be something with the website.

Is there another website that you can use to have thumbnails ?