Can't download an image from a website using an activity


It’s the first time I join the community but I hope you can give me some advice about this.

I need to download an image from a website directly from source. You’ll say, “easy peasy”. Wait:

  • I can’t use right click/save (last resource in case I can’t use a better way)
  • HTTP Requests can’t be done easily (the URL has a token that changes anytime you access the site, it’s an intranet, so can’t expect to work every time)
  • I need the source file, I can’t use a snap, due to quality reasons

I searched first the forum and the solutions I found are more or less what I’m talking up here. I also searched in UiPath Go! and I couldn’t find anything to fit. I figured I could use get element or similar, but I couldn’t find the way to save the picture. Is there any activity up there to get the image just like a given element?

Thanks in advance!

do u have url of a source image or download link? Please give some sample links from web if possible. I will try to download it from source.

I’m sorry but the site isn’t available from internet, it’s an intranet.

If helps, site is Kibana. The image is generated live by selecting some parameters. The image source starts like this and it’s always different (since the image is different, obviously):

<img width="489" height="400" src="`

Hope this helps you. One more thing, this is being automated in Chrome.

Thanks a lot!