Can't connect machine to Orchestrator after migrating to modern folder


I have just migrated my Orchestrator Folder from classic to modern using the migration tool as described in Migrating from classic to modern folders.
After the migration, my (VDI) machine is no longer connected to Orchestrator, and when I try to connect using the UiPath Assistant, I get the following message:

“You do not have permission to update Orchestrator Settings. Please contact your company administrator for help.”
When I log into the VDI using an local admin-account, I can connect that account to Orchestrator, but the machine is still not connected when using the non-admin-account.

The problem is, that I am not allowed to run the robots through an admin account, so I need to be able to connect the machine to Orchestrator without admin rights. Is this possible?

I have read a similar problem here, but I did not understand the answer:

I hope you can help



check the machines are created and users are also given automation developer or robot roles…

If not provide them…you can find them in the users portal or manage acceyoss menu