Need help to setup users, licenses, machines as my bots do not run on my machine after moving to Modern folders

Hi All

Sorry for the harsh feedback but all this mess around modern folders, users, administrator, folders, licenses, permissions, roles, groups needs to be clarified

It was very simple before, I had my laptop and everything run on this machine

Since I moved to “modern” folders, nothing runs anything and I cannot get my head around any of the topics

I just need my bots to run on my machine, can anyone help


Did you follow all the mentioned steps in the below thread ?

Yes. Can you please tell me if you can help by maybe connecting to my machine and checking what is wrong?


You can watch the below video to setup.

Mate, I really appreciate you trying to help me, but I need a person who can tell me why my bots don’t run on my machine anymore. Sorry, but I really have a breakdown here

Can you share the screenshot of UiPath assistant, Screenshot of license page(Tenant->Settings->License).

Or do you stuck configuring the Machine itself?

UiPath assistant


Manage access tab

Machines tab

Robots tab

Folders tab
I tried everything, even I was thinking that I did not setup correctly the domain\username and password for my machine (which should be my Microsoft account if I am not mistaken)

@loginerror can you please help here or tag someone who can help?

Hey @raool90

Sorry for late reply. I’m happy to connect on Monday or next week and see what went wrong.

In the meantime, could you clarify your setup? What I got so far is that you would like to run a process from a modern folder on your machine and you would like to trigger it from Orchestrator rather than manually, correct?

Yes, that’s correct

It used to work just fine before this whole modern folder change

Hey @loginerror did you have any chance to take a look?

We have resolved the issue. The solution was to connect the machine to Orchestrator with a Sign-In and then to assign the user machine template to the target folder (and making sure that template has an unattended runtime assigned to it).

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