Can't add project to TFS source control

TFS is enabled and GIT is disabled.
I’m able to connect to the DevOps server and UiPath lists all the projects we have there. I select a project and create a new folder. When the ‘Add to TFS project’ dialog box appears I select ‘OK’. The dialog box disappears, and nothing ever happens after that. It is as if I pressed ‘Cancel’.
I’ve reset the UiPath settings and even reinstalled it. Need help.

@JAltice Refer below link . Did you check is it because of proxy issue

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Thank you @ushu for the reply. We are not using a Proxy. I am able to connect to the TFS through Visual Studio and UiPath does make the connection to TFS and shows all the projects. I can even create a new folder on the TFS through UiPath but can’t add a project.

This is the error I have in the file:

10:24:47.3184 => [ERROR] [UiPath.Studio.Plugin.Tfs.Host.exe] [12] ConnectToWorkspace: Found local workspace
10:24:47.3184 => [ERROR] [UiPath.Studio.Plugin.Tfs.Host.exe] [12] Map local path to server path: failed to create session

UiPath Technical support solved the issue.
Go to ‘Team Explorer’ in Visual Studio, then ‘Manage Workspaces’, then ‘Edit’, finally ‘Advanced >>’
Ensure the ‘Location’ is set to “Server”

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