TFS online

Can you please advise whether we can try to connect to TFS online server with a new project while some other existing projects are already connected with TFS on-premises?

Please take first a look here:

I want to know whether I also can test connecting to the TFS online server with a new UiPath project while my existing projects are locally mapped from the TFS on-premises. That is can we connect to two TFS instances from the same Dev machine, without impacting to the existing UiPath connection with the TFS on-premises server?

Can we delete.local folders ( for each existing project) before migrating to TFS online? Would.local folders then automatically get created when we open the Azure Repo project from the UiPath Studio?

We tried to upload the TFS collection to the Azure DevOps Repo and establish the connection from the UiPath Studio. We could connect to the Azure Server, but we were getting the below error when trying to open the projects from the TFS with the below option.