Open From TFS option is missing in Studio


“Open From TFS” option is not present under my uipath studio team section. So I am unable to connect my tfs with the uipath. I reinstalled uipath studio ,ms visual c++ 2015 and checked but still the result is the same. This is the case for TFS only as the option to connect GIT is showing. TFS connection option is missing out. Please help with this.

Hi @Basil_Benny

Check this


Hi @AshwinS2

I have already gone through this doc and it says if already connected to SVN, TFS connection won’t show. But i haven’t connected to SVN or GIT but still TFS option is missing. Even after reinstalling Studio TFS is missing. So I am not able connect to TFS based on the steps mentioned in the doc you have shared.

Basil Benny

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Go to Tools > Plugins > Enable source control plugins for TFS or SVN