Cann't identify elements from my application

Hi ,

i cann’t identify elements from my application.
I have tried a lot of ways to get the text, but it doesn’t work
any suggestions

my application looks like below

Which application your using.
did you try with screen scraping(including OCR)?

Looks like your application is excel application.
Please add UiPath.Excel.Activities package.
Hope my inputs are useful

Hi ,

My application is caseware which can download from Caseware Working Papers | Year-End Simplified | Caseware.

The thing is I only want to extract the specify monly not the whole area

ok it is windows based application. so you can add Microsoft.Activities.Extentions, UiPath.Core.Activities and Excel.Activities. try with these… hope it will work

Workaround would be to extract the specific value you need to find the start index and end index of the value and pass these index and get the specific value by using substring .

Hello, My Firm uses CaseWare as well and was having the same issue in the same area under the “Documents” Tab. The doc library. Due to this issue we are considering trying UI Path to work with CaseWare. Did you ever solve your issue?


I am also facing similar issue, I want to be able to click on the documents available in document manager panel. The whole panel is being identified as one object. Unable to identify sub-objects. Can anyone please help me out.

Thanks in advance.

there is no selector available on the doc itself on working papaers. but you can use the “search button” on home tab, that will guide the cursor with one word. it`s tricky, but you write wherever you want. so you need to use the toolbars and type intos or send hotskey to work.

good luck