Dealing with combo box item selection using values from excel sheet

I am trying to select an item from combo box using the value(s) that I have in an excel sheet. Since Select activity will not work, I am trying to use Type into with SimulateType option enabled and some delay between the keys. After this, sending hotkey ‘enter’ to select a particular item.
This does not seem to work. It is not giving me any selected value when i try to run the bot. Can someone please help?

Excel integration isn’t amazing at the moment. Try using other options rather than simulate click such as click text using OCR recognition if you have to but use something consistent to ensure it always clicks into the correct place.

Additionally, might be worth doing double check that it has typed into the right box, or validating this another way. Depending on whether you own the spread sheet and alternative could be to use the cell reference option in the combo box and simply pull the value from that cell instead.


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