Cannot serialize the DataTable

Hello Team,
I’m creating a orchestration process,
after adding items to the queue, while creating task based on transaction item getting error:-“Cannot serialize the DataTable. DataTable name is not set”,
Please guide,
Thank you

use an assign activity
left side: YourDataTableVar.Tablename
right side = “AdescriptiveTableName”

and try again

Can you give me example
i’m not getting you exactly,
Thanks for your reply

dtData is a variable of datatype DataTable
Assigning the tablename (e.g. “MyTableName”)can be done like this:

Can we connect, is it possible

Just give a try or share some more details to your flow e.g. by screenshot


Workflow is adding and getting transaction items to the queue,task is created and then getting error

@ppr any suggestions?

it looks that the table issueing the exception is somewhere within the flow. can you please do following:

  • checking which activity is throwing the issue
  • if a datatable is involved so please share some more details with us

In case of a datatable is involved in being part of transaction item settings e.g. transaction item information then set the tablename as described above and try again.

@ppr i tried adding dt.tablename = “Mytablename”, now it is giving me different error:-“System.Runtime.Serialization.InvalidDataContractException”,

Please guide,
Thank you

please let us know this

Wait for form task and resume activity…at this point getting error

@ppr im creating workflow based on orchestration process…FYI


have a look on following links:

if the information is not resolving the issue then list down as detailed as possible information related to

  • the environment (Versions, Package versions)
  • the implementation (maybe you can share the xaml


Hello @ppr
I’m having the same problem and I’m not using a datatable.
I’m just using a string as input and the chosen radion button option (“approved” or “rejected”) as a string output

Can you help me with this?

Did you solve this?