Cannot see process in a folder

Hi everybody,

I connected my account to the customer’s account orchestrator in order to be able to start and manager customer’s process in orchestrator.
In the customer’s orchestrator the processes are :
while, in my account connected to it I cannot see any process in the related folder:

Does anyone know what settings needs to be configured to be able to see the process?
I’ve set this setting but it doesn’t work

HI @massimilianolorenzin

Please check whether you have given all the necessary permissions from the customer admin account to your account. Without prior permissions you will not be able to see the process and other information in customer account.



It seems like that from the first screenshot, the folder you/your client is showing is the “My Workspace” folder.

That is a folder that is specific per user. Meaning that no one can have access to the folder other than the user. So you won’t be able to see the processes in anyway.

Processes should be moved to the “Shared” folder or a new folder other than the “My Workspace” in order for other users to see/have access.


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now that you highlight this fact in all the other customer in which I don’t have this problem all the process are in another folder and not in the " My workspace". I’m going to try to move them to another “public” folder and let you know.


Hi @massimilianolorenzin,

Ensure that you have assigned to the correct workspace where the customer’s processes are located.

Also you can try is to clear the cache, close the browser, and then reopen it to see if the processes become visible.