How to get processes created in another folder to UiPath assistant

Hi. I’ve connected my UiPath robot to UiPath orchestrator. Now I created a new modern folder called ‘DCA’ in my orchestrator and created a process in that folder. That process is not visible in my UiPath assistant. It’s showing only the processes created in ‘My workspace’ folder.

How should I solve this?

Check you meet these aspects:

  • Add the machine template to the DCA folder
  • Check if in the Folder role, your user/robot has the Processes View privilege. You can add for your user these roles (Allow to be Automation User and Automation User)
  • Add the user/robot to the DCA folder and double-check to have the roles in the folder
  • In UiPath Assistant you can group your Processes list by Folder in the Preferences → Group by folder

Let us know if this helped.