Cannot paste data from PC cache


I have a problem pasting data to Excel workbook. The thing is, all the the data including the hidden one can be copied when selecting this element:

The data is copied on mouse click. The problem is, I cannot paste the data in Excel workbook.
Tried several methods, nothing worked. The CTRL + V hotkey does not work. But when I stop UI Path and use Paste hotkeys, the data is pasted. I guess I’m missing some steps to read properly cached data in UI Path.

The link is:

Hi @emas23 ,

How you are pasting data to excel, is it through UI interaction or from activity?

When you opened excel better to click first cell and then use ctr + V.

Hope this will work.

Hi, @ermanoj3101

Tried both methods: pasting data from Excel application activities, and also selecting a cell, double mouse click and then send CTRL + V hotkeys but nothing happens. The cell is active for editing, so the double click works, pasting from cache does not work. However, after stopping UI Path, manual CTRL + V works instantly. So the data is copied to cache, but UI Path does not recognize that data is copied to cache after selecting element shown in printscreen.

Let me try it once.