Cannot open Ui Path from desktop anymore


I have been using Ui Path for a while. Today I experienced some bug/delay and I was unable to exit the program, so I had to use task manager to exit it. Now I am unable to reopen the program, and I have been trying to uninstall/reinstall it twice without success. It almost feels like I have been deleting the whole program, but I just used task manager to force exit. Its kind of weird, because when I click the program icon, the PC seems to work for a couple of seconds, but then nothing happens.

When I reinstall the program I use the same file I download the first time to reinstall it. Maybe I should try register via the website and download a new “package” ?

I have a windows pc, / windows 10.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Now I got it to work somehow by finding the .exe file in the %AppData\Local\UiPath\app-2016.2.6274.33252 folder. I made a shortcut and now it works, but now when I try to open some of my projects I get this message:

“This porject was created with a newer version of Ui Path Studio…” and tells me to update to the newest version.

I have version 2016.2.6379. Isn’t that the newest version? Because when I click the “Help” button in the main menu to look for updates, it does not show any availbale updates. What is the newest version for the community edition?

community edition version 2017.1.6365,

PS:Beta edition (comes with invoke code too. :slight_smile: )

heyy…I performed the same task as you for generating shortcut of Uipath but now I am trying to open it and nothing happens…
if you know the solution let me know…