Cannot log into Studio or Assistant: 'Error loading discovery document: Issuer name is missing'

Hi All,

As the title states, I’m unable to log into Studio & Assistant. This issue arose today; i realised that a robot connection was not established within Studio. I wanted to log out and back in to see if the issue persists, i was unable to log back in however. Both the error for the robot connection and log in are the same as the title to this post.

I am unable to find anything online and am hoping that any of you could help me.

FYI I’m running on a community license.


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Pls make sure that the robot is connected as mention below

Cheers @RKarb


i’m unable to follow the steps outlined in the provided link as i am using web-based Orchestrator. The robot should be connected however, as i’ve been working in Studio for a few weeks now. The issue only arose today.


Apologies, ignore my previous reply.

The robot is setup to login through interactive sign-in. Attempting to log in this way results in the error message from the title of this post.


Yeah would have got disconnected by chance
Pls check once in the robot agent whether the bot is showing connected and licensed


I do not have the robot agent app. I only have access to Studio and Assistant.


You can check with your infra team on this
I hope they can help you in installing the robot alone in users machine

I’m not sure i understand what you mean. I’m a single user on a community license.

In any case, could you point me towards this Infra team?

My installation file only installed Studio and Assistant. Is there a standalone installer for the Robot Agent?