Cannot indicate element inside of Windows Application

Hello guys,

I’ve been struggling to identify elements inside of a Windows Application. Some elements it is impossible to identify. E.g., SS below if I try to select the text field Forecast for Sept 2020 (#3), I can’t because it is selecting the whole application page.

The idea is here is basically fill in the Forecast for the following months for projects every month.

Can you show us the selector you get for that window?

Yes, sure.

You should learn which programming language this software is written in. There is extensions in UiPath. Extensions might work if this software was written in java or silverlight. You can find more information here: About Extensions

ok, so you can see which type of application it is by that cls element in the wnd tag, it should be a common windows application written in visual studio, so you wont need extensions. Try using UiExplorer with the different capture modes to see if you have better luck into good selectors.

Thank you, but it is not web-based application. So none of these extensions mentioned probably will work. The software was written in .NET.

No luck :frowning: Just tried the three UI Framework available: Default, Active Accessibility and UI Automation.

Well, if nothing works, we always have the option of using image based automation… Maybe try this:

That was my fear. CV does not seem 100% accurate. Based on your experience, do you think I can achieve what I want using CV?
I have about 200 projects every month to be updated.

Hi @rafael.oliveira

Using desktop or basic recording try to select the text field

It didn’t work as well.

It should be 100% accurate in an application like that, you only need to make sure the window size is always the same… Only problem is that it is slower…

Alright Bruno, I will try this approach. I really appreciate your help on it.

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