Cannot get values from Queue Items - Failed the Advanced RPA Certification Test for the third time

Hello every one,

I am feeling down because I have failed the test for the third time. The first time I wasn’t prepared at all to take the exam; the second time I thought I had aced it, but came 9 points short of approval.

For the third (and last) attempt I have trained, asked the evaluators about my mistakes at the second attempt, then I had remade the workflows and frameworks incorporating the corrections needed. I thought I was going to do great. But then a test asking for retrieving Queue Items came along, and I couldn’t get a specific value from a Transaction Item as an input I needed to treat some data.

I have followed the exercises from Module 3 of the Training, but I always got this error message: “Assign: The given key was not passed in the dictionary”.

That specific error happened every time I tried to save an “Invoice Number” from a Queue Item using an Assign activity. I have assigned to variable “InvoiceNumber” the value “in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“Invoice Number”).ToString”, just as I learned in training.

I doubled checked everything: if I was passing the variables correctly (which I am), if I had correctly added queue items to the specific queue I had created at Orchestrator (which I also am)… I don’t know how else to proceed. Since I have lost the chance to get my certificate, I just want to get an opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

If any of you would be so kind to test my workflows, I could send them to you for testing.

Thank you very much!
Very best,

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Hi, welcome to the community!
I’m sorry you could not pass this, but im sure you will have more opportunities to do so, anyway we are here to help you where we can.

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Hello and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear you did not pass the exam.

Please can you check if the following items were correct in the workflow:

  1. The Queue Name mentioned in the orchestrator is the same as the queue name you have used in the workflow (Please try to execute the project in debug mode and go step by step). It may also be that you might have referenced a different queue (present in the Orchestrator) in the workflow.

  2. The key “Invoice Number” used in the specific content is exactly the same as what you see in the queue.

In both the above cases check for spaces, typo, mix up of upper case and lower case, etc.

Please check the above and let us know how it goes.