Assign: The given key was not present in the dictionary. WIID Error

Hello everyone! I am facing the following error to complete the exercise: Generate Yearly Report - Performer at UiPath Academy RPA Advanced.

Could someone please give me a solution?

Thanks from Brazil

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Hey @gserafim,

Just check are you passing some data from Get Transaction to Process through in_TransactionItem Argument.

That should be the issue. It is empty now and that is causing the error.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Let me know for any queries.

@Nithinkrishna Do you refer to the arguments as I describe in the image below? To be honest, I’m a little at a loss as to what to do now.

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Hi @gserafim knidly check whether the queue item is avaialable ie whether there is any queue item with status new

Because in the first fig as u shown in local panel the transactionitem is found to be null

Please check ur queue item and let me know


Nived N
Happy automation

Yep, I understand. No issues I can help you out.

Let’s make it step by step,

  1. Go to Get Transaction Data workflow, check you have items in queue, and your fields are mapped. Especially in your case Transaction item output field should be mapped to out_TransactionItem argument.

  1. Goto main workflow > Invoke GetTransactionData. Check arguments are mapped

  1. Goto main workflow > Invoke ProcessTransaction. Check arguments are mapped

Your workflow should work if all these steps are satisfied. If not it will break.

Thanks. Feel free to post your queries.

@NIVED_NAMBIAR Friend, I don’t know if it will actually be clear with the following images, but I hope to be collaborating for your help!

@Nithinkrishna I followed step by step according to your images and everything is similar to yours. And again, after trying the execution, I received the error as described in the following image:

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Hi @gserafim can u show the screenshot of process invoked workflow part where the argument values are recived?

@NIVED_NAMBIAR Was this image?

Please show the images as shown by @Nithinkrishna the process workflow where the argument are mapped?

Please check whether u had done as like what @Nithinkrishna told

I think argument mapping is the issue since all queue items has status as new

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I assume you have new items present in the orchestrator queue.

Something like in the image.

Kindly expand the assign RHS expression and post here to understand what are you trying to access from in_transaction item.


Hi @gserafim can u expand the assign part value to see what u had written?

@NIVED_NAMBIAR Segundo as imagens que o @Nithinkrishna postou, seguem as minhas:

Np, Expand the activity’s expression in properties where you got the error


I believe these are all the information regarding the assignment error with WIID

@Nithinkrishna I am available to send all files in a .zip! What is your suggestion?

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yes please :slight_smile:

attach it right away, let me have a look. (1.3 MB)

Please, verify my archive

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Could you please mention this value as well